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2023 Historic Autographs Flight William Shatner Suit Jacket Relic Card B

Historic Autographs

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William Shatner Suit Jacket Relic

2023 Historic Autographs Flight William Shatner Suit Jacket Relic Card 1 of 249

This is an authentic garment swatch from William Shatner, most notable for his role as Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek The Original Series. The relic embedded in this card was harvested from a suit personally owned and worn by William Shatner, and was obtained directly from the wardrobe collection that Mr. Shatner auctioned for charity. It is 1 of only 249 in existence. The pull rate is 1/150 packs (roughly 1 in 13 boxes).

CONDITION: Brand New - freshly pulled from a sealed pack, from a sealed box, that we purchased directly from an authorized distributor. We purchased several boxes and decided to try our luck and open a couple of them. Displays very nicely. Actual pictures shown, please view the photos and judge for yourself. Sold AS-IS.

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