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Alice Cooper's HorrorBox Party Game

Fitz Games

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Alice Cooper's HorrorBox

Alice Cooper's HorrorBox Party Game from Fitz Games

Introducing the horrorbox game, a must-have for horror enthusiasts! This box, approved by Alice Cooper himself, guarantees endless laughter as you delve into the world of your favorite horror themes. The Base Game alone boasts a whopping 420 cards filled with spooky questions, answers, and dares. Gather your fellow goblins and ghouls for an unforgettable game night, where you can openly discuss why you secretly find Freddy Kruger attractive! To keep the excitement going, each expansion pack offers 40 new cards, ensuring every round is fresh and thrilling. Plus, the expansions come with a resealable bag to keep your precious cards safe. Don't miss out on collecting them all!

Expansion Packs:

  • Classic Movies
    • We all go a little bad sometimes. What's a little nightmare-inducing leatherface-wearing chainsaw-revving massacre between friends?
  • Modern Movies
    • Do you remember the first time you saw a horror movie in theatres? Did you sneak in with an older cousin, or did you convince your grandmas that The Ring was a romantic comedy?
  • Iconic Characters
    • Mom says to stop wearing that creepy mask in the house and quit talking to that girl who died twelve years ago. She might not understand your love of the creatures who go bump in the night, but we sure do!
  • Supernatural
    • There are things out there beyond scientific understanding. From getting possessed to trying to avoid being killed by something you don't quite understand. Grab some holy water and dive into the world of all things supernatural.
  • Slasher
    • Remember, if you're going to explore a creepy basement, always use the buddy system. That way Freddie gets two for the price of one nightmare.
  • Monsters
    • Remember a time when the scariest thing that lived under your bed would’ve definitely grabbed your arm or leg if it dangled at night. Do lakes make you nervous because you know what lives in them?
  • Aliens
    • We are not responsible for any mysterious eggs that jump out of this pack and attach to your face. Don’t worry, I hear the starfreighter Nostromo has a great breakfast buffet.
  • Alice Cooper
    • Written by Alice Cooper himself! Whether you know him as a radio DJ, horror film star, or the Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper can do it all.
  • Dares
    • A full pack of HorrorBox dares! Watch your friends and family do creepy and hilarious dares to win points for your amusement!
  • R-Rated
    • Sometimes you need to keep it real with some R-rated Horror in your life. The HorrorBox R-rated pack has all the off-color, hilarious over-the-line cards we pulled from the base game. Make sure you can handle it, this pack is not for the faint-hearted!
  • Super Pack Bundle
    • Seven packs from the HorrorBox family wrapped together like a mummy in a casket. Queue the creepy music, pour the blood punch, and get ready to die laughing... Contains: Base Pack, Alice Cooper, Aliens, Modern Movies, Dares, Iconic Characters, and R-Rated Expansion Packs.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review