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Gel Blaster Surge v2.0

Gel Blaster

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Product Overview

Gel Blaster Surge

Gel Blaster Surge v2 Eco-Friendly Water-Based Ammo

This kit contains everything you need for your first epic battle! 1 SURGE gel blaster, 1 fast charger which supports up to 4 hours of play, a gravity fed hopper that holds up to 800 Gellets, 1 pair of safety glasses and 10,000 Gellets. This is NOT the model that was recalled, it is the new 2.0 version!

The rechargeable Gel Blaster SURGE shoots water based beads or “Gellets” that burst on impact. Think airsoft but with no pain, stain or cleanup, bring the battle to your own house (safe indoors too!) with adrenaline packed fun for Ages 9+. Soak the Gellets in water for just 2 hours and watch your ammo grow! Unlike other water beads which can leave plastic bits in your house, the starch based gellets are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating and burst on contact.

Features 2 “Blast Modes” for enhanced combat strategy. Choose between semi automatic (1 Gellet per trigger pull) or Full Automatic (8 Gellets per second when holding down the trigger) and get ready to dominate your battlefield! If you’re battling a newbie and want less sting you can drop the velocity to as low as 90 Feet Per Second. For more intensity, you can increase your velocity up to 170 feet per second and shoot over 100 Feet!

CHOKING HAZARD - This patented design uses a starch-based shell that DISSOLVES INSTANTLY upon impact, but can still be a choking hazard for small children. As per the manufacturer, we recommend these be purchased for children 8 YEARS OLD and up.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review