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Unicorn Women's Crew Socks

Archie McPhee

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Unicorn Socks

Unicorn Women's Crew Socks

The legend of the Unicorn Socks is known far and wide amongst the magic folk of the dell. A tiny, poor elf was cast out of her mushroom after she failed to pay rent to her goblin landlord. A unicorn came upon her crying on the side of a talking glacier and asked what he could do to help. The elf pointed to her worn boots and the unicorn used loose hairs from his rainbow mane to make her a pair of socks. Not only did these warm her feet, they also turned her life around. She now runs an app that provides rides to fairyland folk. You know, it’s like Uber for centaurs. Tell the world you believe in unicorns! The happy unicorn on these socks tells the world that your feet are magical. These Unicorn Socks are women’s crew socks and made of a soft combed cotton blend.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review